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Food, Feed, Services

DANPOL have since 1987 supplied a wide range of products such as poultry, meat, coffee, chocolate, margarine,  etc. to companies in the former Sovjet Union and other East European countries.

We have a world-wide network of suppliers and are flexible to meet our client´s requirements. We obtain all the necessary export documentation, we locate your products, negotiate contacts and arrange for transport, if needed.

A quick responce to your needs, competitive pricing, reliable partnership and flexibility are our strength.

A long term co-operation is our goal.


We speak Danish, English, Russian and German.

You are welcome to contact us


We are strong in


Roast & Ground Coffee

Instant Coffee


We mainly deal in chicken meat products


Leg quartes

Breast, boneless, skinless


Gizzards & hearts

Our main suppliers are in Denmark and India.



Stock goods

We can also procure other products, once we have received your specification of commodities needed